1. I〔糸と針で〕sew [sóu]; stitch
    • 着物を縫う
    • sew a kimono
    • 上着のほころびを縫う
    • sew up a rip in a jacket
    • 母は夜遅くまで私の晴れ着を縫っていた
    • My mother worked on the Sunday dress she was sewing for me till late in the evening.
    • 傷を縫ってもらう
    • have stiches taken
    • 医者は傷口を5針縫った
    • The doctor sewed up the cut with five stitches.
  1. II〔物や人の間を通る〕
    • 彼女は子供に追い付こうと行列の間を縫って走った
    • Threading her way through the procession, she ran to catch up with her child.
    • 利根川は関東平野のいろいろな町を縫って流れている
    • The Tone River meanders through various towns on the Kanto Plain.
    • 家事の合間を縫って彼女はよく編み物をした
    • Between [When she was free from] her household chores, she often did some knitting.