1. a threat
    • 子供に知恵がついたのでもう脅しがきかない
    • The children are too smart now for threats to work.
    • 暴力団の脅しにあって金を巻き上げられた
    • The gangsters used threats to get money from him./《米口》 He was shaken down by gangsters.
    • 押し売りは女所帯とみて脅しにかかった
    • The salesman, finding there were only women in the house, tried the hard sell.
    • 単なる脅しだよ
    • It's just 「a bluff [an empty threat].
  1. 脅し文句threatening remarks [language]
    • threat
    • intimidation
    • [参考]「脅す (threaten)」という動詞で用いられることが多い。