1. I
  1. 1〔腹部〕the abdomen, the belly;〔胃〕the stomach;〔腸〕the bowels, the intestines;〔子宮〕the womb
    • 彼は腹が出ている
    • He has 「a potbelly [a spare tire].
    • 腹が痛い
    • I have a stomachache./I feel a pain in my stomach.
    • 腹が減った
    • I'm hungry.
    • 腹が張る
    • I feel bloated [gassy].
    • 腹が一杯だ
    • I'm (so) full./I've eaten [had] my fill.
    • 腹が下っている
    • I'm having some stomach trouble./I have loose bowels.
    • 食べすぎて腹をこわした
    • I've upset my stomach by eating too much.
    • 彼女は大きな腹をしていた
    • 〔妊娠していた〕She was (clearly) pregnant [expecting a baby].
  1. 2〔膨れた所〕
    • 親指の腹
    • the thick of the thumb
  1. II〔心の中〕 ((a person's)) mind;〔意図〕 ((a person's)) intentions;〔胆力〕courage
    • 彼女の腹は見抜けない
    • I cannot read her thoughts [mind].
    • 腹の中はいい人だ
    • He is a good man at heart.
    • 腹の中で笑う
    • smile to oneself
    • 彼の腹の中は見え透いている
    • His intentions are obvious.
    • 彼は私を人々の面前でなぶりものにする腹だ
    • He intends to make a fool of me in public.
    • 彼が謝るまでは私の腹は癒えない
    • I won't be satisfied until I get an apology from him.
  1. 腹が黒いはらぐろい(腹黒い)
    • 初めのうちは狼狽ろうばいしたが,しばらくすると腹が据わってきた
    • I was upset at first, but after a while I 「recovered my self-confidence [pulled myself together].
    • 腹の据わった人
    • 〔度胸のある〕 《口》 a person with guts/〔意志の堅い〕a resolute person
    • 腹が立って仕方がなかった
    • I was beside myself with anger.
  1. 腹が膨れる〔食べて〕eat one's fill;〔妊娠して〕be pregnant;〔言いたいことを言わないで〕feel unhappy [dissatisfied, irritated] at not being able to speak one's mind
  1. 腹が太い1〔度量がある〕big-hearted
  2. 腹が太い2〔大胆な〕bold; courageous
  1. 腹が減っては戦はできぬYou can't do anything on an empty stomach.
    • 腹に一物ある
    • He has something up his sleeve./He is plotting [up to] something.
  1. 腹に収めるkeep ((a thing)) to oneself
    • 彼の無礼な態度は腹に据えかねる
    • I cannot put up with his rude manner./I can't stomach his rudeness.
    • 腹の皮がよじれるほど笑った
    • We split our sides laughing./We were convulsed with laughter.
    • 腹の虫が治まらない
    • I cannot contain my anger.
    • あれじゃ彼女の腹の虫が治まらないだろう
    • That won't be enough to 「placate her [smooth her ruffled feathers].
    • 腹八分に医者いらず
    • Moderation in eating is the best medicine.
  1. 腹も身の内Don't overeat or overdrink.
    • 彼らは腹を合わせて悪事を企んでいるのではないか
    • I'm afraid they are conspiring [plotting together] to do wrong.
  1. 腹を痛める1〔産む〕
    • あの子は私の腹を痛めた子です
    • She is my own child [flesh and blood].
  2. 腹を痛める2〔自分の金を出す〕
    • あいつは絶対自分の腹を痛めるようなことはしない
    • He never does anything which will cost him a penny.
    • 皆腹を抱えて笑った
    • We all shook [held our sides] with laughter.
    • 腹を決めかねていた
    • He was unable to decide./He couldn't make up his mind.
  1. 腹を切る1せっぷく(切腹)
  2. 腹を切る2〔責任をとって辞任する〕
    • もし計画が失敗したら腹を切らねばなるまい
    • I will have to resign if this plan fails./I'll stake my post [job/career] on this plan.
  1. 腹をくくるprepare oneself for the worst
  1. 腹をこしらえるはらごしらえ(腹拵え)
  1. 腹を探るprobe ((a person's)) real intentions; find out what is in ((a person's)) mind
    • 痛くもない腹をさぐられた
    • I was suspected without cause.
    • 食べるためならどんなつらい仕事でもやろうと腹を据えた
    • I was determined to do any job, no matter how hard, to earn my living.
    • 彼はつまらないことに腹を立てる
    • He 「gets angry [《口》 flies off the handle] over little things.
    • 彼が腹を立てたのを見たことがない
    • I have never known him to lose his temper.(▼ 《英》 では不定詞のtoはなくてもよい)
    • 腹を割って話し合おう
    • Let's have a heart-to-heart talk./Let's talk frankly.