1. (a) performance; a show

    興行する give a performance ((of));put on ((a show))

    • 顔見世興行
    • 〔歌舞伎で〕a performance in which all the actors of a company appear (at the beginning of the season)/〔初日〕the opening day of performances (by a traveling company)
    • 慈善興行
    • a benefit [charity] performance [show]
    • 地方興行
    • a road [traveling] show
    • 昼興行
    • a matinee/an afternoon performance
    • 長期興行
    • a long run
    • プロレスの興行
    • a professional [《口》 pro] wrestling match
    • 一座は1日3回興行した
    • The troupe performed three times a day.
  1. 興行界the entertainment world; show business
  1. 興行価値((have)) box-office value
  1. 興行権promotional rights; production rights
  1. 興行師[主]a promoter
    • オペラの興行成績は上々である
    • The opera is a box-office success [hit].