1. 1a tongue
    • 舌が荒れている
    • My tongue is rough [furry].
    • 舌がヒリヒリする
    • My tongue is tingling [burning].
    • 舌を出してください
    • Stick out your tongue.
  1. 2〔しゃべる器官〕
    • 舌がもつれて何も言えなかった
    • I was tongue-tied.
    • その言葉は舌の先まで出掛かっていた
    • The word was on the tip of my tongue.
    • 幼児は回らぬ舌で「ありがとう」と言った
    • The infant said“Thank you”with a lisp.
  1. 3〔味覚〕
    • よく舌が回るね
    • 〔批判的に〕You really do 「go on [talk]./You really 「have a glib tongue [talk a lot]./〔感心して〕How eloquent you are!
  1. 舌の先したさき(舌先)
    • 母親を舌の先で丸め込んで旅費をせしめた
    • He talked [coaxed/cajoled] his mother into paying his travel(ing) expenses.
    • その舌の根の乾かぬうちに彼は陳述を否認した
    • No sooner were the words out of his mouth than he denied what he had said.
  1. 舌を出す1〔きまり悪がって〕
    • 発音を間違えてペロッと舌を出した
    • Embarrassed by her mispronunciation she stuck out the tip of her tongue.
  2. 舌を出す2〔軽蔑する〕
    • 陰で舌を出した
    • She 「laughed at [ridiculed] him behind his back.
    • 彼の歌には同級生も舌を巻いた
    • His classmates were filled with admiration for his singing.