• 色々様々な玩具
    • all kinds [sorts/types] of toys/a variety of toys
    • 色々わけがあってお引き受けできません
    • I cannot undertake it for various reasons.
    • 花には色々ある
    • There are many kinds of flowers.
    • 色々やってみたが駄目でした
    • I tried all sorts of things, but nothing worked.
    • 色々お話があります
    • I have many [lots of] things to tell you.
    • 色々ありがとうございました
    • Thank you very much for 「all you have done for me [everything].
    • 彼女はいろいろ親切にしてくれた
    • She showed me every kindness.
    • コップや歯ブラシやその他色々買った
    • I bought a cup, a toothbrush, and whatnot.
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