1. I
  1. 1〔色彩〕a color,《英》 a colour;⇒いろあい(色合い)
    • 明るい[暗い/はでな/落ち着いた]色
    • bright [dark/gay/quiet] colors
    • 色を付ける
    • color
    • 色を抜く
    • bleach
    • このスカーフはぬれたら色があせた
    • After getting wet, this scarf faded [became discolored].
    • この色はさめない[さめやすい]
    • This color 「is fast [fades easily].
    • 色の配合
    • a color scheme
    • 色を出すのに明礬みょうばんを使った
    • We used alum to bring out the color.
    • スカートと上着の色の取り合わせがまずい
    • The colors of the skirt and the jacket clash.
  1. 2〔皮膚の色〕(a) complexion
    • 色の白い
    • fair-complexioned;fair-skinned
    • 色の黒い
    • dark-skinned
    • 子供たちは2週間を海岸で過ごして色が黒くなった
    • After spending two weeks by the sea(side), the children were suntanned.
  1. II
  1. 1〔表情〕an expression; a look
    • 彼女の顔に失望の色が浮かんだ
    • A look of despair [Signs of disappointment] appeared on her face.
    • 彼の顔に驚きの色が見えた
    • He looked surprised.
    • 彼は喜怒哀楽を色に出さない
    • He does not show [betray] his feelings.
    • 彼は目の色を変えて部屋を飛び出して行った
    • With a stunned look (in his eyes), he rushed out of the room.
  1. 2〔様子,おもむき〕
    • 秋の色が濃くなった
    • Autumn is in the air./It is becoming more and more like autumn.
    • 彼の留守宅では憂いの色が濃くなった
    • Back at home, his family has become more and more worried.
  1. 3〔種類〕a kind
    • 色とりどりの食べ物
    • all sorts [kinds] of food/a variety of foods
    • 庭には色とりどりの花が咲いていた
    • 「Flowers of various kinds [All kinds of flowers] were in bloom in the garden.
    • 色とりどりの衣装を着た人々がパレードに参加した
    • People in a full array [range] of costumes took part in the parade.
    • 十人十色
    • ((諺)) So many men, so many minds.
  1. 4〔恋愛,情事〕a love affair;〔情夫〕a lover;〔情婦〕a mistress
    • 色におぼれる
    • indulge in sensual pleasures
    • 色を好む
    • be prone to love affairs;《口》 fool around;〔女を相手に〕be a womanizer
    • 彼女は恐怖のあまり色を失った
    • She was so terrified that she turned pale.
    • 給料に少し色を付けてもらえませんか
    • Couldn't you adda little something to my wages as a bonus [a little sweetener to my salary]?
    • 彼はとかく話に色をつける
    • He tends to embellish [exaggerate] his stories.
  1. 色をなすturn red (with anger); turn purple (with rage)
    • color
    • [参考]比ゆ的に「傾向、姿勢」のような意味で「…色」が用いられることも多い。