1. a geisha; a professional entertainer trained in traditional dancing and music
    Geisha are traditional female entertainers who are highly trained in various Japanese classical performing arts. The history of geisha began in the Edo era with entertainers who played the samisen (a three-stringed musical instrument), sang, and danced to entertain clients as they enjoyed food and drink in the red-light districts. Contrary to the image presented in some Western films and novels, geisha are not courtesans. They are classically trained performing artists proficient in social skills. In the old days, they started training in music and dance at a very early age, and at about seventeen would be allowed to perform as full-fledged geisha at banquets. A geisha usually belongs to a specific okiya (agency) for her entire career, and is sent to traditional high-end Japanese restaurants (ryotei) and formal Japanese inns (ryokan) to perform. Nowadays the number of geisha is declining.
    • 芸者をあげる
    • 「call in [hire] 「a geisha [geishas]
    • 芸者になる
    • become a geisha
  1. 芸者屋〔主人〕a keeper of geisha;〔店〕a geisha house