1. ((make)) a complaint ((about; against a person));〔特に不当な扱いに対する〕a grievance
    • 苦情を言う
    • complain ((about; that))/make a complaint ((about, against))/〔ぶつぶつ不平を言う〕grumble ((at, about, over))
    • 何か苦情はありませんか
    • Do you have any complaints [grievances]?
    • この課には苦情が絶えず持ち込まれる
    • People always come to this section 「to complain [with their complaints].
    • 工場の騒音について付近の住民が苦情を訴えた
    • The people in the neighborhood filed a complaint about the noise from the factory.
  1. 苦情処理troubleshooting
  1. 苦情処理委員会a grievance committee
  1. 苦情処理係a person responsible for handling complaints ((from customers))
  1. 苦情処理機関grievance machinery; the complaints department