1. rakugo; traditional comic storytelling; a rakugo story
    Rakugo is a genre of classical Japanese storytelling. The hanashika, or rakugo performer, seated on a zabuton floor cushion, narrates a comic story, a human interest story, or a ghost story, playing all the characters himself. His only props, a hand towel and a folding fan, are used in various ways_in eating scenes, the fan is handled like chopsticks, for example. Each story ends with a punch line known as an ochi. Rakugo storytelling began in the Edo period, and now there are two regional styles: Edo (Tokyo) and Kamigata (Osaka). Rakugo performances can be enjoyed at yose (vaudeville theaters) along with manzai stand-up comedy acts, impressionist acts, magic, and other forms of entertainment.

    落語をやる tell a rakugo story

  1. 落語家a comic storyteller