1. I〔昆虫〕an insect, a bug;〔みみず,ひる,うじなど〕a worm;〔毛虫〕a caterpillar
    • 鳴く虫
    • a chirping insect
    • 虫に刺される
    • be bitten [stung] by an insect
    • 草むらで虫が鳴いている
    • Insects are chirping in the grass.
    • 虫の食った栗
    • a worm-eaten [wormy] chestnut
    • このスカートは虫が食っている
    • This skirt is moth-eaten.
    • この種の果物にはよく虫がわく
    • This kind of fruit often becomes wormy./Worms often get into this kind of fruit.
    • ばらに虫がついた
    • The rose bush 「is infested [is crawling] with (harmful) insects.
  1. II
  1. 1〔物事に熱中する人〕
    • 本の虫
    • a bookworm
    • 芸の虫
    • a person who 「lives and breathes [lives for] art
    • 彼は学問の虫だ
    • He is completely devoted to his studies.
  1. 2〔心に潜む考え〕
    • 彼はこのところふさぎの虫に取りつかれている
    • He has been 「very depressed [《口》 down in the dumps] lately.
  1. 虫がいいbe selfish [self-seeking]
    • それではあまり虫がよすぎる
    • That's hoping [asking] for too much.
  1. 虫が起こる1〔子供がひきつけたりする〕become fretful
  2. 虫が起こる2〔何かを始める〕
    • 彼はまた浮気の虫が起こった
    • He's started to play around with a woman again.
    • 虫が知らせたがやはり彼は急病になっていた
    • Something told me [I had a hunch] that he had suddenly fallen ill, and it proved to be only too true.
    • 虫の好かないやつ
    • a disagreeable fellow
    • 彼は虫が好かない
    • I just don't like him.
  1. 虫が付く〔悪い仲間ができる〕begin to keep bad company;〔愛人ができる〕have a (secret) lover
    • 虫がつかないうちに娘を嫁にやるほうがいい
    • It would be better to marry your daughter off before she goes and gets involved with someone.
    • 虫の息である
    • be breathing very faintly/be hardly breathing/be almost lifeless [dead]
    • 彼は今日虫の居所が悪い
    • He is in a bad mood today./He got up on the wrong side of the bed today.
  1. 虫の知らせa hunch; a premonition ⇒虫が知らせる
    • 虫も殺さぬ顔をしている
    • He looks as though he wouldn't harm even a fly.