1. I
  1. 1 〔裏面〕the reverse side; the back
    • 表紙の裏に略語表がある
    • A list of abbreviations is given 「on the back of the cover [on the inside of the cover].
    • レコードの裏をかける
    • play the other [flip] side of a record
    • 2番の答えは答案用紙の裏に書くこと
    • Write the answer to the second question on the back of the paper.
    • この布地は表と裏が見分けにくい
    • It's hard to tell the right from the wrong side of this cloth.
    • 裏を見てください[裏に続く]〔表示〕
    • Please Turn Over/((米)) Over/((英略)) PTO, pto
  1. 2 〔貨幣の〕tails (▼通例複数形.表はheads.ただしheads, tailsは貨幣を投げて勝ち負けを決めるときにしか使わない)
    • (貨幣を投げて) 表が出たら君,裏が出たら僕の勝ち
    • Heads you win, tails I win.
    • 国名は貨幣の裏にある
    • The name of the country is on the reverse side of the coin.
  1. 3 〔衣服などの裏,裏生地〕the lining
    • このコートは絹の裏が付いている
    • This coat is lined with silk./This coat has a silk lining.
    • 毛皮の裏の付いたオーバー
    • a fur-lined overcoat
    • このコートは裏を表にして着てもよい
    • This coat is reversible.
  1. 4 〔靴などの底〕the sole
    • 足の裏
    • the sole of the foot
    • 靴の裏を張り替えさせた
    • I had my shoes resoled.
  1. 5 〔後ろ,背面〕the back
    • 家の裏に家庭菜園がある
    • We have a vegetable garden 「at the back of [behind] the house.
    • 子供たちは裏から入ってきた
    • The children came in by the back door.
  1. 6 〔野球で〕
    • ヤンキーズは3回の裏に2点を入れた
    • The Yankees scored two runs in the bottom (half) of the third inning.
  1. II
  1. 1 〔反対のこと〕the reverse; the opposite
    • 裏もまた真実だ
    • The reverse [opposite] is also true.
    • その問題を裏から見てみよう
    • Let's consider the problem from 「the other side [the opposite point of view].
  1. 2 〔隠されたこと,内幕〕a secret
    • 言葉の裏の意味
    • the hidden meaning of a word/the implication [significance] of a word
    • 彼は私の心の裏を見抜いた
    • He read my mind.
    • 人の言葉には裏があるかもしれない
    • People may not always mean what they say./Some people use double talk.
    • 裏でどういうことが行われているか分からない
    • There is no knowing what is going on backstage [behind the scenes].
  1. 3 〔公然と行われないこと〕
    • 裏から手を回してその地位を得たらしい
    • He seems to have gained that post by backdoor means.
  1. 裏には裏がある There are wheels within wheels.
  1. 裏の裏
    • この雑誌はよく芸能界の裏の裏を暴露する
    • This magazine often carries articles exposing the seamy side of the entertainment world.
  1. 裏を返す
    • 「安全第一」と彼は言うが,裏を返せばやる気がないということだ
    • He says we must put safety first and proceed cautiously, but the truth of the matter is that he doesn't really want to do anything about it.
  1. 裏をかく
    • 私は彼の策略の裏をかいた
    • I outwitted [outsmarted] my opponent by doing just the opposite of what he expected.
  1. 裏を取る
    • 容疑者のアリバイの裏を取る
    • collect evidenceto test a suspect's alibi [to see if a suspect's alibi stands up]
    • 暗々裏に
    • secretly/unknown to others
    • 盛会裏に終わった
    • The meeting ended successfully.