1. I
  1. 1〔去る人を送る〕see ((a person)) off; give ((a person)) a send-off
    • 門の前で客を見送った
    • I saw my guest off in front of the gate.
    • 家まで見送る
    • see a person home
    • 玄関まで見送る
    • see a person to the door/see a person out
    • 角を曲がるまで見送った
    • I watched him till he turned the corner.
    • 空港で盛大に見送る
    • give a person a royal send-off at the airport
    • 彼を柱の陰から見送った
    • She followed him with her eyes from behind the pillar.
  1. 2〔死者を送る〕
    • 私は18歳の時に母を見送った
    • My mother died when I was eighteen.
  1. II
  1. 1〔やり過ごす〕let go
    • 込んでいたのでバスを1台見送った
    • I let one bus go by (without getting on) because it was so crowded.
    • チャンスを見送る
    • pass up an opportunity
    • ボールを見送る
    • 〔野球でバッターが〕let a pitch go by (without swinging)/〔外野手などがホームランを〕watch a ball sail over one's head into the stands
  1. 2〔そのままにする〕
    • 法案を見送る
    • shelve a bill
    • しばらく新規採用を見送ることにした
    • We have decided not to take on any new employees for a while.