1. I〔視力が届く範囲〕a field [range] of vision; a visual field; one's view
    • 上に登るにつれ視野がますます開けてきた
    • As we climbed higher, 「our field of vision [our view] broadened.
    • 遠くを眺めていたら車が一台視野に入ってきた
    • I was gazing into the distance when a car came into view.
    • 厚い雲に視野がさえぎられた
    • Our view was blocked by thick clouds.
  1. II〔識見〕
    • 視野の広い[狭い]人
    • a man with a broad [narrow] outlook (on life)
    • 彼らは政治的視野が狭い
    • Their political outlook is narrow [limited].
    • 外国に留学したおかげで彼の視野は大いに広がった
    • Studying abroad broadened his outlook remarkably.