1. (a) settlement ((of)); 〔問題などの解明〕(a) solution ((to)), (a) resolution

    解決する settle; solve; work out a solution ((to)); resolve

    • 紛争解決の糸口が見付からない
    • They cannot find a key to the settlement of the dispute.
    • 事は穏便に解決した
    • The matter was brought to a peaceful settlement.
    • 円満[平和的]解決を望んでいる
    • We are hoping for 「an amicable [a peaceful] solution.
    • それは未解決のままだ
    • It remains unsolved [unsettled].
    • 懸案事項の解決を迫られている
    • We are 「under pressure to find [being pressed for] a solution to pending issues.
    • あなたの決断のおかげで万事解決した
    • Your decision has resolved [settled] the whole problem.
  1. 解決策[法] a solution; a method of settlement
    • 問題の解決策
    • a solution to a problem