1. Iあずける(預ける)いたく(委託)
    • 彼女は幼い息子を叔父の手に託した
    • She committed [entrusted] her little boy to the care of her uncle.
    • 後事は君に託したい
    • I'd like to ask you to look after my affairs 「while I'm away [after my death].
    • 弟に託して彼に伝言を送った
    • I sent him a message through my brother.
  1. II〔かこつける,ことよせる〕
    • 病に託して義務を逃れた
    • He shirked his duty on [under] the pretext of illness.
    • 彼は情熱を詩に託した
    • He expressed his passion in poetry.