1. commemoration

    記念する commemorate

    記念の commemorative

    • 中学卒業のときの記念品
    • a memento of one's junior high school graduation
    • 彼の業績を記念して胸像が建てられた
    • A bust was erected 「to commemorate [in memory of] his achievements.(▼in memory ofは死者の場合)
    • これ,記念にもらっておくよ
    • I will take this as a memento [souvenir].
  1. 記念館a memorial hall
  1. 記念切手[硬貨,乗車券]a commemorative stamp [coin, ticket]
  1. 記念行事a memorial event;〔毎年の〕an anniversary function
  1. 記念祭〔追悼式〕a memorial service;〔記念日〕a commemoration;〔毎年の〕an anniversary
  1. 記念式典a commemorative ceremony
  1. 記念写真a commemorative [souvenir] photo(graph) [picture]
    • 絵葉書に記念スタンプを押す
    • stamp a commemorative seal on a picture postcard
  1. 記念碑a monument; a cenotaph
  1. 記念日a memorial day;〔毎年の〕an anniversary
    • 結婚記念日
    • a wedding anniversary
  1. 記念品a souvenir, a memento;〔形見〕a keepsake
    • 応募者全員にもれなく記念品を進呈
    • A souvenir will be given to every applicant.