1. ((make)) a call ((on a person, at a place));a visit ((to))

    訪問する visit; call

    • 家庭訪問
    • a call at a student's home (by a teacher)
    • 彼は日曜日には訪問を受けつけない
    • He does not 「receive visitors [see people] on Sundays.
    • 大統領は東南アジア諸国訪問の旅に出た
    • The President set off on 「a visit to [a tour of] Southeast Asian countries.
    • 私はスミス氏を自宅に訪問した
    • I 「went to see [made a call on/visited/called on] Mr. Smith at his home.
  1. 訪問看護サービス(a) visiting nurse service
  1. 訪問看護師a visiting nurse
    • 訪問看護師が週3回来てくれる
    • A visiting nurse calls three times a week.
  1. 訪問記an interview
  1. 訪問着a semi-ceremonial kimono (worn by women on formal visits)
  1. 訪問客[者]a visitor; a guest; a caller
  1. 訪問販売door-to-door sales