1. (a) fraud;〔金などをだまし取ること〕swindling, a swindle;〔他人を装って〕(an) imposture
    • 詐欺を働く
    • commit fraud/practice deception ((on a person))
    • 彼は詐欺で大金を巻き上げた
    • He obtained a large sum of money by fraud./He swindled a great amount of money.
    • 彼女は結婚詐欺にかかって5万ドルをだまし取られた
    • She was swindled [《口》 conned] out of 50,000 dollars by a man who said he wanted to marry her.
  1. 詐欺師a swindler;〔取り込み詐欺師〕a con [confidence] man;〔他人を詐称する人〕an impostor