1. (an) explanation; an account; 〔写真などの〕a caption

    説明する explain ((a thing to a person)),give an explanation [account]((of)); 〔実例などを挙げて〕illustrate

    • 彼の説明は実に明瞭でだれにでも理解出来た
    • His explanation [exposition] was so clear that everybody could understand.
    • それは説明の要がない
    • It needs no explanation./It is self-evident.
    • 人生には説明出来ないことがたくさんある
    • There are many inexplicable things in life.
    • 事件の詳しい説明を聞きたい
    • I'd like (to have) a full account of the incident.
    • スライドで説明する
    • illustrate by [with] slides
    • 自分の行動を説明する
    • explain [give an account of] one's actions
    • 子供たちにゲームのルール[やり方]を説明した
    • I explained 「the rules of [how to play] the game to the children.
    • 津波は起こらないだろうと説明した
    • He explained that a tsunami was unlikely.
  1. 説明会 a briefing session; an explanatory meeting
  1. 説明書 an explanatory pamphlet; a manual; 〔品物の〕a description
  1. 説明図 an explanatory diagram
  1. 説明文 an explanatory note; an explanation