1. the police(▼複数扱い) ⇒けいかん(警官);〔警察署〕a police station
    • 水上警察
    • the water [marine/harbor] police
    • 警察へ届ける
    • report ((a theft)) to the police
    • 警察へ引き渡す[突き出す]
    • hand over a person to the police
    • 警察に訴える
    • complain to the police/lodge [file/submit] a complaint with the police
    • 警察を呼ぶ
    • call the police
    • 私はまだ警察のやっかいになったことはない
    • I have no police record.
    • 彼は警察に留置された
    • He was 「taken into police custody [detained at the police station].
    • このことは警察ざたにしたくない
    • I don't want to have this reported to the police.
    • 警察は容疑者を捕らえた
    • The police have caught the suspect.
  1. 警察医a police medical officer;〔外科医〕a police surgeon
  1. 警察学校a police school
  1. 警察官けいかん(警官)
  1. 警察犬a police dog
  1. 警察権police powers
  1. 警察国家a police state
  1. 警察署a police station
  1. 警察署長〔広い地区の〕 《米》 a chief of police;《英》 a chief constable;〔都市の中の特定地区の〕 《米》 a precinct chief;《英》 the head of the local police force
  1. 警察庁the National Police Agency
  1. 警察庁長官the Commissioner General of the National Police Agency
  1. 警察手帳a police officer's ID; a policeman's [policewoman's] identification
  1. 警察病院a police hospital
  1. 警察無線((on)) police radio
  1. 警察の階級(日本の)
    a superintendent supervisor
    a chief superintendent
    a senior superintendent
    a (police) superintendent
    a police inspector
    an assistant police inspector
    a police sergeant
    a senior police officer
    a police officer