1. I
  1. 1〔歩く練習〕
    • 病後の足慣らしを始めた
    • He began to practice walking to get in shape again after his illness.
  1. 2〔運動競技の前の〕warming-up; a workout
    • 足慣らしにジムに通う
    • go regularly to a gym for workouts
    • ボクサーたちはジムで足慣らしをしている
    • The boxers are working out at the gym.
    • その運動選手はレースに備えて足慣らしをしている
    • The athlete is warming up for the race.
  1. II〔予備行動〕
    • 入試の足慣らしで模試を受けた
    • I took a practice test to prepare myself for the entrance exams.