1. I〔軽快〕身軽な 〔体が〕light;〔動きが〕agile, nimble

    身軽に lightly; nimbly

    • 身軽な服装をした女性
    • a casually-dressed woman
    • 旅行は身軽のほうがいい
    • I like to travel light.
    • 荷物を預けて身軽になった
    • I checked my bags and was then able to move around more freely.
  1. II〔気楽〕
    • 重荷[責任]が無くなって身軽になる
    • feel relieved once a 「heavy burden [responsibility] is lifted from one's shoulders
    • 身軽な独り者
    • a bachelor without any family encumbrances/a carefree bachelor
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