1. I〔接近させる〕bring close [up] to
    • 本を目に近付ける
    • bring a book close to one's eyes
    • 敵を近付けない
    • not let the enemy get close/hold the enemy back
    • 机を窓に近付けた
    • He moved the desk near [close to] the window.
    • この材質は火に近付けないこと
    • Keep this material away from the fire.
  1. II〔交わる〕associate with
    • あの人は近付けない方がよい
    • You had better keep him at a distance.
    • 彼は人を近付けない男だ
    • He is unapproachable [inaccessible]./He is hard to approach.
    • 彼女は男を全く近付けない
    • She doesn't let men get near her./She rebuffs [turns away] the attentions of men.