1. an answer, a reply ((to))

    返事(を)する (give an) answer; reply

    • 彼が最初に返事をした
    • He was the first to reply.
    • 名前を呼ばれたら返事をしなさい
    • You must answer when your name is called.
    • 返事をしてない手紙がまだ一通ある
    • I still have one letter to answer.
    • なぜ返事を出さないままにしておいたのですか
    • Why did you leave this letter unanswered?
    • 手紙[ファックス/イーメール]ですぐ返事をください
    • Please reply by letter [fax/e-mail] immediately.
    • 1週間で手紙に返事が来た
    • The reply to my letter came in a week./I received the reply to my letter in a week.
    • 二つ返事で承知した
    • He consented readily [willingly].
    • はっきりした返事はいついただけますか
    • When can I have [expect] a definite answer?