1. I
  1. 1〔追い出してよそへ行かせる〕
    • 子供を追い立てて学校に行かせる
    • hurry [《口》 pack] a child off to school
    • 警官が野次馬を追い立てた
    • The policemen drove the crowd of curious onlookers away.
  1. 2〔立ち退かせる〕evict
    • 家賃延滞を理由に借家人を追い立てた
    • He 「evicted his tenant [forced his tenant to move out] for not paying the rent.
  1. II〔せきたてる〕hurry ((a person)) up
    • 雑用に追い立てられている
    • I am pressed with odd jobs.
    • 追い立てられて仕事をした
    • I was made to hurry the work.
    • 追っ手が来るという考えが彼を追い立てた
    • The thought of his pursuer pushed [spurred] him on.