1. (an) addition ((to));〔補足〕a supplement

    追加する add ((to));supplement ((A with B))

    追加の additional; supplementary

    • ビールを二本追加して頼んだ
    • We ordered two more bottles of beer.
    • 一覧表に項目を3つ追加する
    • add three items to the list
    • 追加の注文は早めにお願いします
    • Please place additional orders as soon as possible.
  1. 追加関税(an) additional duty
  1. 追加手数料〔料金〕an additional fee [charge]
    • 追加点を入れる
    • add a point [run]/score another point [run](▼runは野球)
  1. 追加予算a supplementary budget