1. (an) escape; a getaway; (a) flight ((from))

    逃走する escape ((from));run away ((from));get away ((from));flee ((from));《口》 make one's getaway

    • 逃走に成功した
    • They made good their escape.
    • 3名の捕虜が収容所から逃走した
    • Three prisoners of war escaped [got away] from the prison camp.
    • 男がハンドバッグを奪って逃走した
    • A man snatched my handbag and 「ran off [ran away] with it.
    • 脱獄囚はまだ逃走中だ[まだ捕まっていない]
    • The escapee is still 「at large [on the loose].
  1. 逃走経路an escape route
  1. 逃走者a runaway; a fugitive(▼主に警察からの)