1. I
  1. 1すきま(隙間)
    • 足を踏み入れる透きもない
    • There is no room [place] to step [put one's foot down].
  1. 2〔わずかなひま,余裕〕
    • 透きを見てやっておきます
    • I will do it when I have time.
    • 仕事の透きを見て病人を見舞ってください
    • Please go and see the patient when you can spare a moment.
  1. II〔気のゆるみ,油断〕
    • 相手の透きに乗ずる
    • take advantage of an unguarded moment/catch a person off guard
    • 透きをつかれた
    • I was caught napping.
    • あの男はまったく油断も透きもあったもんじゃない
    • We simply can't take our eyes off him for even a moment.
    • そんな男に跡をつけられるのは君の方に透きがあったからだ
    • If you hadn't been careless, you wouldn't have been followed [stalked] by such a man.
    • 彼は透きを見せまいと緊張しきっている
    • He is straining every nerve to stay on the alert.
    • 一分の透きもない演説だった
    • It was a perfect speech./His speech left nothing to be desired.
    • 透きをねらって逃げ出すつもりだ
    • I am just waiting for a chance to escape.