1. I
  1. 1〔道路などが〕lead, go ((to));〔鉄道・バス・道などが〕run ((from a place to another place; between a place and another place))
    • この道は隣の町に通じている
    • This road leads to the next town.
    • この道は新宿から青梅に通じる
    • This road runs 「from Shinjuku to Ome [between Shinjuku and Ome].
    • 二つの村の間にトンネルが通じていた
    • The two villages were linked [joined/connected] by a tunnel.
    • 半島の突端までバスが通じている
    • There is a bus that goes [runs] all the way to the tip of the peninsula.
    • やっと地下鉄が郊外まで通じた
    • At last a subway has been built out to the suburbs.
  1. 2〔電話が〕
    • 話の途中で電話が通じなくなった
    • The line went dead in the middle of the call.
    • 話し中で電話が通じません
    • The line is busy and I can't reach [get] him.
  1. 3〔電流が〕
    • 電流を通じると機械は動きだした
    • The machine began to work when the electricity was turned on.
  1. II
  1. 1〔連絡する〕
    • 訪問する前にあらかじめ話を通じておいた
    • I had let him know why I wanted to see him before I visited him.
  1. 2〔相手に理解される〕
    • 意味の通じない文
    • an incomprehensible sentence
    • パリでは言葉が通じなくて困った
    • I had trouble in Paris because I could not make myself understood.
    • 彼には冗談が通じない
    • He doesn't appreciate [understand] jokes.
    • やっと彼女に僕の気持ちが通じたようだ
    • I've managed to get through to her at last.
    • 彼の考えは上司にうまく通じなかった
    • His idea didn't get across to his superior.
    • 私の一念が天に通じたのだろう,ついに試験に合格した
    • In the end I passed the exam, so someone must have heard my prayers.
  1. 3〔精通する〕 ⇒せいつう(精通)
  1. 4〔こっそり関係する〕
    • 彼はライバル会社の重役と通じている
    • He is in secret touch with a director of a rival company.
    • 人妻と通じる
    • havean affair [relations] with a married woman