1. I
  1. 1〔道路〕a way, a road(▼wayはある場所に行くための道・方向を表す.roadは具体的な道路);〔街路〕a street;〔公道〕a highway;〔大通り〕an avenue;〔通例,並木のある大通り〕a boulevard;〔小道〕a lane, a path(▼pathは主として人が歩いてできた細道)
    • 道に迷う
    • lose one's way
    • 森に道をつける
    • cut [open] a way through a forest
    • 救急車に道を譲る
    • 「make way for [yield the right of way to] an ambulance
    • 大きなトラックが道をふさいでいた
    • A huge truck was in [blocking] our way.
    • 図書館への道を通行人に聞いた
    • I asked a passerby the way to the library.
    • 道を間違えた
    • I took the wrong way.
    • 学校へ行く[から帰る]道で彼に会った
    • I met him on my way to [back from] school.
    • 帰りには別の道を行った
    • I 「took a different route [went another way] on my return.
    • この道に沿って行くと駅へ出ます
    • Follow [Keep on/Stay on/Go along] this road, and you will come to the station.
    • 昔は原野だった所にも道が開けている
    • There are new roads where there used to be a wasteland.
    • すべての道はローマに通ず
    • ((諺)) All roads lead to Rome.
    • 道で遊んではいけません
    • Don't play in the street.
  1. 2〔行程,距離〕
    • 10キロの道なら3時間で十分行ける
    • I can easily cover [walk] ten kilometers in three hours.
    • 険しい道だった
    • The road was steep./It was a rugged road./《口》 It was rough going.
    • 道がはかどった
    • I made good time.
    • 暗くなってきたので道を急いだ
    • As it was getting dark, we quickened our pace [step].
  1. II
  1. 1〔目指す進路〕a course
    • それは危険な道だ
    • That's a dangerous course to take.
    • 好きな道を歩んでよろしい
    • You may go your own way.
    • 後進に道を開く
    • 「make way [make room/step aside] for younger people
    • 世界平和への道は遠い
    • We have a long 「way to go [road to travel] toward world peace.
  1. 2〔手段〕
    • ほかに取るべき道がない
    • That is the only course [way/alternative] left open to us.
    • それが彼を立ち直らせる最良の道だ
    • That is the best way to get him back on his feet.
    • 女性も自活の道が必要だ
    • Women also need a means [way] of earning their own living.
  1. 3〔正道〕
    • 人の道に背く
    • stray from 「the path of righteousness [the right path]
    • 道を外れた行い
    • improper behavior/misconduct
    • 道にかなった考え
    • right thinking
    • それが子たるものの道だ
    • That's filial duty.
  1. 4〔教え〕
    • キリストの道に従う
    • follow the teachings of Jesus
    • 仏陀の道を説く
    • preach the way of Buddhism
  1. 5〔専門〕
    • 彼はその道に明るい
    • He is an authority on the subject./He is well versed on that matter.
    • この道にかけては彼にかなう者はない
    • He is second to none in this field.
    • その道の人の意見を聞くべきだ
    • We must seek expert [professional] advice.
    • ようやく資金調達の道が開けた
    • Finally we have found a way of raising funds.
    • 我々は道なき道を歩いて山頂をめざした
    • We walked up the pathless [trackless] mountainside, heading for the summit.
  1. 道ならぬ道ならぬ
  1. 道をつける1〔糸口を作る〕
    • あの人と知り合いになる道をつけてくれませんか
    • Will you give me an opportunity to meet him?
  2. 道をつける2〔手ほどきする〕
    • 彼に剣術への道をつけてもらった
    • I began learning fencing under his instruction.
    • 彼の勤勉さが成功への道を分けた
    • It was hard work that led to his success.
    • street《街路》
    • path《小道、方針、方向》
    • road《道路》
    • way《道路、方法、手段》