1. a will(▼正式にはone's last will and testament);〔口頭の〕one's last words
    • 遺言を実行する
    • administer [execute] a will
    • 彼は巨額の金を病院に贈ると遺言した
    • He willed a huge sum of money to the hospital./He left a huge sum of money to the hospital in his will.
    • 故人の遺言どおり,葬式は行われなかった
    • In accordance with the (express) wishes of the deceased, no funeral was held.
    • 彼の妻への遺言は子供たちを頼むということだった
    • His last words to his wife were“Take good care of the children.”/On his deathbed he asked his wife to take good care of their children.
  1. 遺言執行者an executor
  1. 遺言者〔男〕a testator;〔女〕a testatrix [testéitriks]
  1. 遺言状a will; one's last will and testament
    • 弁護士に遺言状を作らせる
    • have a lawyer 「draw up [prepare] one's will