1. (a) refuge; shelter ((from))

    避難する take 「refuge ((in, at)) [shelter ((in))]; shelter ((from))

    • 津波のため村民は高台に避難した
    • The villagers took refuge from the tidal wave on a hilltop.
    • 人々は隣国へ避難した
    • The people 「sought refuge in a neighboring country [fled to a neighboring country for safety].
  1. 避難訓練〔学校などの〕a fire drill
  1. 避難経路an evacuation route
  1. 避難所a place of refuge; a shelter; an (emergency) evacuation area
  1. 避難梯子ばしごa fire escape
  1. 避難民refugees ((from))
  1. 避難命令an evacuation order