1. a shop dealing in discounted ticketsKinken shops buy and sell tickets, cards, and coupons with monetary value at a discount. They deal in a wide variety of such items, including gift certificates, airline tickets, railway tickets for the Shinkansen, postage stamps, revenue stamps, tickets for movies and concerts, admission tickets for theme parks and exhibitions, prepaid telephone cards, and many other types of prepaid cards as well.(意訳;・商品券などの金券を割引して安く売る店.金券以外にも,航空券や新幹線などの乗車券,切手,収入印紙,映画やコンサートなどのチケット,テーマパークや展覧会の入場券,テレホンカード,各種プリペイドカードなど広く扱っている)
「肝が据わる」と「肝が座る」正しいのはどっち? idraft by goo