1. I〔切れ味が悪くなる〕become blunt [dull]
  1. II〔力などがにぶる〕
    • しばらく練習を休んでいたので腕がなまってしまった
    • Since I haven't practiced for some time, my skill has dulled.
    • 適度の運動をしないと体がなまるよ
    • Lack of moderate exercise will soften your muscles.
  1. 1〔切れ味が悪くなる〕
    • はさみが鈍った
    • The scissors have gotten dull [blunt].
  1. 2〔動きなどが悪くなる〕
    • 年は取っても腕は鈍らない
    • In spite of his age, he hasn't lost any of his skill.
    • しばらく練習しなかったらピッチングの腕が鈍った
    • He didn't practice for a while, and his pitching lost its edge.
    • そう言われると決心が鈍る
    • What you have said shakes [weakens] my resolution.
    • 頭が鈍らないように数学の勉強を続けている
    • I am studying mathematics to keep my brain active.
    • このごろ聴覚が鈍ってきた
    • Recently I have been losing my hearing./Recently my hearing has been failing.
    • 雨で投票の出足が鈍った
    • Because of the rain we had a poor turnout at the polls.