1. each ⇒かくじ(各自)

    めいめいの 〔個々の〕individual;〔各自の〕respective(▼通例複数名詞を伴う)

    • 彼らはめいめい違った考えを持っていた
    • 「They each [Each of them] had a different idea.
    • テーマの選択にはめいめいの好みが表れていた
    • Individual taste was shown in the choice of subjects.
    • めいめい好きな時間にそこへ出掛けた
    • They went there individually [on their own] when it suited them.
    • めいめいの意見を聞こう
    • We will listen to their respective opinions.
    • 彼らはめいめい5万円と10万円を寄付した
    • They donated 50,000 yen and 100,000 yen, respectively.
    • 本はめいめいが持って来るように
    • Bring your own books.
    • 食事代はめいめいが払うこと
    • Each person pays for his [her/their] own meals./Everybody pays for their own meals.
  1. 銘銘皿small individual plates (for taking helpings of food)