1. the army

    陸軍の military; army

    • 陸軍に入る
    • 〔志願〕enter [enlist in/join] the army/〔徴兵〕be conscripted [《米》 drafted] into the army
    • 陸軍を除隊する
    • leave the army
    • 陸軍に5年いた
    • He 「served in the army [was in military service] for five years.
  1. 陸軍士官[将校]「a military [an army] officer
  1. 陸軍士官学校〔米国の〕the U.S. Military Academy;〔英国の〕the Royal Military Academy
  1. 陸軍大学the Military Staff College
  1. 陸軍長官〔米国の〕the Secretary of the Army