1. I
  1. 1 〔願望〕a wish,〔強い願望〕a desire ((for; to do; that)); 〔期待〕a hope ((of; that))
    • 願いを聞き入れる
    • grant a person's wish/((文)) comply with a person's request
    • 長年の願いがかなった
    • My long-cherished dream has been realized.
    • そんな成績で医学部に入りたいとは無理な願いだ
    • With your record, entering medical school is an impossible dream [idea].
  1. 2 〔懇願〕((文)) an entreaty ((for; to do)); 〔要求〕a request ((for; that))
    • 無理なお願いで恐縮ですが…
    • I know this is asking too much, but...
    • 父母の切なる願いを無視した
    • He disregarded his parents' earnest entreaties.
    • 願いにより職を解く
    • You are relieved of your post at your own request.
    • ひとつお願いがあるのですが
    • May I ask a favor of you?/Will you do me a favor?
    • お願いだからあっちへ行ってください
    • Won't you please go away?
  1. 3 〔祈り〕
    • 私の願いが神様に通じますように
    • May God answer [hear] my prayers!
  1. II 〔願書〕an application ((to, for))
    • 大学院に入学願いを出した
    • 「I sent in an application [I applied] to (the) graduate school.
    • 退職願いを提出[撤回]した
    • He 「handed in [withdrew] his resignation.