1. I 〔高くなる〕get higher
  1. II 〔程度を増す〕heighten; rise
    • この作品のおかげで彼の名声は高まった
    • This work has heightened [enhanced] his reputation.
    • 彼の悪評は高まるばかりだった
    • His reputation kept getting worse.
    • 新政府を求める声は日ましに高まった
    • Cries for a new government became louder day by day.
    • 石油株に投資家の関心が高まっている
    • Investors are growing more and more interested in oil shares.
    • 国中に民主化の気運が高まっている
    • There is 「a growing [an increasing] tendency toward democratization throughout the country.