1. a loss
    • 金銭上の損失を被る[与える]
    • suffer [cause a person] a financial loss
    • 火災[戦争]による損失
    • fire [war] loss(es)/losses due to fire [war]
    • 大きな損失
    • a great [heavy/serious/severe] loss
    • 損失を重ねる
    • incur loss upon [after] loss
    • 彼の死は国家にとって取り返しのつかない損失だった
    • His death meant an irreparable loss to the nation./The nation suffered an irreparable loss in his death.
    • ストライキは会社に2千万円の損失をもたらした
    • The strike resulted in a loss to the company of twenty million yen.
  1. 損失額the amount of a loss
  1. 損失補填compensation for losses; reimbursement of (trading) losses
  2. 損失補填損失補填する compensate ((clients)) for losses