1. 1a wooden groove at the boundary of rooms in which sliding doors move
    • 窓の敷居
    • a windowsill
  1. 2〔入口〕the threshold
    • 敷居をまたぐ
    • cross [pass] the threshold
    • 二度と我が家の敷居をまたぐことはあるまいと思いながら戦地に赴いた
    • I went to the front doubting that I would come home alive.
    • 二度とうちの敷居をまたぐな
    • Don't you ever set foot in my house again!
    • あまりご無沙汰したのでお宅の敷居が高くなりました
    • I haven't visited you for so long that I feel self-conscious about coming.
    • あの人の家は敷居が高くて行きにくい
    • I feel hesitant to visit him.