1. once; at one time; formerly; before;〔否定文で〕never;〔疑問文・最上級のあとで〕ever
    • かつて権力を振るっていた一族
    • a formerly [once] influential clan
    • かつての校長[学長]
    • the ex-principal [former president]
    • かつての恋人
    • his 「onetime girlfriend [ex-girlfriend]
    • 彼女はかつて女優だった
    • She was once [formerly] an actress.
    • かつてはここにわらぶきの家があった
    • There used to be a house with a thatched roof here.
    • そんなことはかつて聞いたことがない
    • I have never heard of such a thing.
    • かつてない寒い日だ
    • This is the coldest day we have ever had./We've never had such a cold day.
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