1. a chance, an opportunity ((for; to do))
    • 絶好の機会を逃す
    • miss 「a perfect chance [a golden opportunity]/let a wonderful opportunity slip away
    • 機会をつかむ
    • grasp [seize] an opportunity ((to do))
    • 機会を得る
    • get [gain] an opportunity ((to do))
    • 機会がありしだい
    • at the first opportunity/as opportunity permits
    • この件は次の機会に[またの機会に]回すことにしよう
    • We will take this matter up 「at the next opportunity [some other time].
    • あらゆる機会を利用して自己宣伝した
    • I used every opportunity to sell myself.
    • 謝る機会はいくらでもあったはずだ
    • You had plenty of chances to apologize.
    • これを機会に新車を買おう
    • Let's take advantage of this opportunity and buy a new car.
    • こんな機会は一生に二度とないだろう
    • A chance like this comes but [only] once in a lifetime./There will never be another opportunity like this./It's now or never.
  1. 機会均等equal opportunity
  1. 男女雇用機会均等法the Equal Employment Opportunity Law