1. fatigue;〔極度の〕exhaustion

    疲労する be tired, be fatigued;〔極度に〕be exhausted

    • 疲労が取れた[回復した]
    • I have recovered from my fatigue.
    • 彼女には疲労の色が見えている
    • She has a tired look./She looks tired.
    • 残業続きで疲労が蓄積している
    • I've been working overtime so often that 「my fatigue just keeps piling up [I have no chance to get over my fatigue].
    • 徹夜が続いて彼は疲労で倒れた
    • He collapsed from exhaustion after working all night for days in a row.
    • 疲労困憊こんぱいした
    • I was 「utterly exhausted [tired out/《口》 dead tired].
    • 金属疲労
    • metal fatigue
  1. 疲労強度fatigue strength
  1. 疲労亀裂a fatigue crack
  1. 疲労性骨折((have)) a stress fracture
  1. 疲労破壊fatigue failure
    • 今回の事故はボルトの疲労破壊によるものだ
    • This accident was caused by (metal) fatigue in a bolt.