1. inheritance;〔継承〕succession

    相続する succeed ((to a title));inherit ((a thing from a person))

    • 彼の未亡人が田畑を相続した
    • His widow inherited the farm.
    • 彼女は莫大な資産を相続した
    • She came into a large fortune./She got a large fortune by inheritance.
    • 長男が父の爵位を相続した
    • The oldest son succeeded to his father's title.
    • 彼女は叔父の跡目を相続して取締役に就任した
    • She succeeded her uncle as a director of the company.
  1. 相続争いa dispute over succession
  1. 相続権the right of inheritance
    • 彼は相続権を放棄した
    • He renounced his right of inheritance.
  1. 相続財産an inheritance; inherited property
  1. 相続税an inheritance tax
  1. 相続人〔男〕an heir;〔女〕an heiress(▼通例の表現,および法律では,女相続人もan heirを用いる);〔後継者〕a successor
    • 彼は叔母の財産の相続人となった
    • He fell heir to his aunt's property.