consult ((with a person about [on] a thing));《文》 confer ((with a person on [about, over] a thing))

    • その点は弁護士と相談の上で返答します
    • I will give you my answer on that after consulting [conferring with] my lawyer.
    • 子供の両親と相談して決めよう
    • We will decide the matter in consultation with the child's parents.
    • 今彼は校長と相談中だ
    • He is now in conference with the principal.
    • 明日ゆっくり相談しましょう
    • Let's 「have a long talk about it [talk it over carefully] tomorrow.
    • ようやく相談がまとまった
    • We finally reached [came to] an agreement.
    • 相談ずくでやったことだから二人とも同様に責任がある
    • Since we agreed on the action beforehand, we are both equally responsible.
    • お値段のほうはご相談に応じますよ
    • We'd be glad to consider reducing the price.
    • 身の上相談欄
    • an advice column/《英》 an agony column
    • 進路相談
    • academic and career guidance
    • まず先生に相談します
    • I will first ask my teacher's advice.
    • いつでも相談に来なさい
    • Come whenever you want my advice.
    • 相談にのっていただけませんか
    • Will you give me some advice?
    • 耳寄りな相談を持ち込まれた
    • He made me a tempting offer.
    • それは無理な相談というものだ
    • That is an impossible proposition.