1. I〔重なって高くなる〕pile (up), accumulate;〔場所が〕be heaped (up) ((with)),be covered ((with))
    • この地方では雪が1メートルも積もるのは珍しくない
    • It is not unusual in this district for a meter of snow to accumulate on the ground.
    • テーブルにはほこりが積もっていた
    • The table was covered with dust./Thick dust lay on the table.
  1. II〔たまる〕
    • 彼女は積もる恨みを述べたてた
    • She gave full vent to her 「pent-up resentments [store of grudges].
    • 夜が更けるまで積もる話をした
    • We had so much we wanted to say to each other that we talked until late at night.