1. I
  1. 1〔敗北する〕be defeated ((in battle));be beaten; lose (((in) a game)) (▼be defeatedは他の2語に比べてやや硬い)
    • 競走[競争]に負けた
    • They lost in the race [competition].
    • 我がチームは10対6で大阪チームに負けた
    • Our team lost the game to the Osaka team by a score of 10 to 6.
    • 負けるが勝ち
    • By yielding (to your opponent) you may (eventually) get what you want.
  1. 2〔屈する〕be overcome ((with));《文》 succumb ((to));give in ((to))
    • 彼女は誘惑に負けた
    • She yielded [succumbed] to temptation.
    • 暑さに負けたらしい
    • I'm afraid this hot weather is 「affecting me [getting the best of me].
    • 感情に負ける
    • give way to emotion [passion/one's feelings]
    • あいつも負けていないだろうから,気をつけた方がいいよ
    • He's not the type to be outdone, so you'd better be careful.
  1. 3〔かぶれる〕
    • 漆に負ける
    • get lacquer poisoning
    • 剃刀に負ける
    • get barber's [razor] rash
  1. II〔値引きする〕reduce ((the price));give a discount ((on tickets))
    • 1割まける
    • take [《口》 knock] off ten percent
    • もっとまけてくれませんか
    • Can't you 「make it cheaper [come down a little more]?
    • みかんを2個まけておきましょう
    • I'll give you two oranges into the bargain./《口》 I'll throw these two oranges in extra.