1. 1〔体,自分の体〕the body
    • 茂みに身を隠す
    • hide (oneself) among the bushes
    • 川に身を投げる
    • throw oneself into a river
    • 彼女は清潔なブラウスを身につけていた
    • She was wearing a clean blouse.
    • 貴重品はいつも身につけている
    • I always carry my valuables 「on my person [with me].
    • 身を寄せあって寒さをしのいだ
    • We huddled close together to 「keep (ourselves) warm [keep off the cold].
  1. 2〔自分自身〕
    • 浪費が身の破滅を招いた
    • His extravagance brought him to ruin.
    • ただちに出ていったほうが身のためだぞ
    • For your own good [sake], you'd better get out of here at once./《俗》 If you value your own skin, you'd better beat it.
    • 身を引き締めて困難に立ち向かう
    • brace oneself to confront a difficult situation
  1. 3〔立場,身分〕one's position; one's place
    • 私の身にもなってごらんなさい
    • Suppose you were in my position [shoes]./Put yourself in my place.
  1. 4〔皮・骨に対して,肉〕meat, flesh
    • 魚の骨を身から外す
    • remove the bones from the fish
    • 骨ばかりで身がない
    • It's all bones and no meat.
  1. 5〔樹皮に包まれた部分〕the wood
    • 木の皮をはいで身を調べる
    • peel off the bark and examine the wood underneath
    • 身の縮む思いをする
    • 〔恥じ入る〕feel small [embarrassed]/〔すくむ〕shrink
    • 勉強に身が入らない
    • I can't concentrate on my studies. ⇒身を入れる
    • こう忙しくては身が持たない
    • I am so busy that it's ruining my health.
    • 身から出た錆だ
    • You asked for it./As a man sows, so shall he also reap.(▼聖書の言葉から)
    • 身に余る光栄です
    • This great honor is far more than I deserve.
    • 身に覚えがあるでしょう
    • You know what I'm talking about, don't you?
    • 全く身に覚えがない
    • I'm completely innocent.
    • 身にしみて有り難く思う
    • feel deeply grateful ((for))
    • 彼の言葉は身にしみた
    • His words touchedmy heart [me to the core].
  1. 身に付く〔知識・技術などを習得する〕
    • 身に付いた芸
    • an art in which one is accomplished
    • 英語が身についている
    • He has a good command of English.
    • なかなかコンピュータの技術が身に付かない
    • I'm having trouble learning how to use a computer.
    • 一芸を身に付ける
    • master an art
  1. 身につまされるsympathize with
    • その娘の苦労が身につまされる
    • The girl's sufferings touch me deeply.
    • 彼の話には身につまされて皆泣いた
    • We all shed tears of sympathy at his story.
    • 恥ずかしくて身の置き所がなかった
    • I was so ashamed that I wished I could fall through the floor.
    • 身の振り方について相談する
    • consult a person as to what one should do
    • そう言ってしまっては身も蓋もない
    • That's too direct [harsh] a way of putting it.
    • 身も蓋もないことを言うね
    • You are too outspoken.
  1. 身も細るほそる(細る)
    • 彼女は身も世もなく泣いた
    • She cried her heart out.
  1. 身を誤るgo astray; go to the bad
    • 仕事[勉強]に身を入れる
    • put oneself [one's heart] into one's work [studies]/devote [apply] oneself to one's work [studies]
  1. 身を売るsell oneself; prostitute oneself
    • 一介のセールスマンから身を起こし大会社の重役になった
    • Though a mere salesman at first, he rose to be a director of a big company.
    • やくざに身を落とすまでになった
    • He 「lowered himself so far as [sank so low as] to become a gangster.
  1. 身を固めるget married and settle down
    • そろそろ身を固めようと思う
    • I am thinking of settling down and getting married.
  1. 身をかわすかわす(躱す)
    • 身を切られる思いがする
    • be cut to the heart [quick]/《口》 be (all) cut up
    • 身を切るような北風
    • a piercing north wind
  1. 身を砕くdo one's best;《文》 exert oneself to the utmost
  1. 身を削る〔苦労する〕have a hard time (of it), go through a lot of hardship;〔心を痛める〕be in anguish, be in an agony of despair
  1. 身を焦がすburn [be consumed] with love ((for))
  1. 身を粉にするwork 「one's fingers [oneself] to the bone; work like a dog;《俗》 work one's tail [butt] off
  1. 身を殺すsacrifice [make a sacrifice of] oneself
  1. 身を立てるrise [establish oneself] in the world
    • 作家として身を立てることにした
    • I decided to make a career for myself as a writer.
  1. 身を投じるとうじる(投じる)
    • 第一線から身を引く
    • retire from the active world
    • 事が表沙汰にならないうちに身を引いた
    • He quit his job before the matter was made public.
  1. 身を任せる1〔なすがままになる〕
    • 絶望に身を任せる
    • give oneself up to despair
  2. 身を任せる2〔男に抱かれる〕give oneself to ((a man))
  1. 身を持ち崩すruin oneself; live fast and loose
  1. 身を以て1〔みずから〕personally
    • 身を以て範を垂れる
    • set a personal example
  2. 身を以て2〔体一つで〕
    • 身を以て逃れる
    • have a narrow escape ((from))
  1. 身をやつす1〔身なりを変える〕
    • こじきに身をやつす
    • disguise oneself as a beggar
  2. 身をやつす2〔一生懸命やる〕
    • おしゃれに身をやつす
    • be absorbed in dressing nicely/be obsessed about one's appearance
    • 両親を失って彼はおじの家に身を寄せた
    • Having lost his parents, he went to live with his uncle.