1. I
  1. 1〔後に〕follow
    • 子供が母親の後からちょこちょこ付いて行った
    • The child toddled along after his mother.
  1. 2〔一緒に〕go [come] with
    • あなたに付いて行きたい
    • I'd like to go [come] with you.
    • 娘の卒業式には妻が付いて行くことになっています
    • My wife is going to accompany our daughter to her graduation ceremony.
  1. II
  1. 1〔進度に〕
    • 学校は難しくて付いて行くのが大変だった
    • She found school very difficult and had trouble keeping up.
    • 1か月学校を休んだので数学の授業に付いて行けなくなった
    • I was absent from school for a month, so now I can't keep up with my mathematics class.
  1. 2〔思想・行動に〕
    • 彼の過激な思想には付いて行けない
    • I cannot go along with his radical ideas.
「肝が据わる」と「肝が座る」正しいのはどっち? idraft by goo